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Train Sets In-Stock!


Are you selling trains ?

We also buy antique, vintage, and used trains.

We will offer the best price for your trains.

Adirondack Train & Hobby has everything a model railroader needs. We carry popular gauges like N Scale, HO Scale, O Gauge and O Scale. 


We are an authorized dealer on every brand we carry and have been since 1991.

Need Repair work done?

We have a full work bench in store and do all work on the premises 

We work on all trains from prewar, postwar, and modern era.

Lionel Trains Saratoga Albany Schenctady Glenns Falls NY

We carry Lionel trains ranging from Prewar era, Post war era, MPC era all the way to the most current high quality Legacy engines. As well as starter sets, rolling stock, buildings, accessories, transformers, and track.

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